We Should’ve Seen This Collapse Coming [VIDEO]

  1. This is what we have lost already to the drunk captain and inexperienced third mate. Glass Steagall protections were shredded by Bush-Clinton and we lost 2,000÷ community banks. And I am really missing them now. I used to see this banker around town. He’d wear these yellow shorts and we’d talk community banking, capital sources which for rural areas have all dried up under Trump. It worked and was working for him. It can work for us. Lyle Courtsal [email protected]

  2. One broker made $740 million in five years. And $.25 tril. is $250,000,000,000.00 Really. To the stupidest most irresponsible unprosecuted criminals in the country. The pigs go around slapping each other legally but it’s all for show. The money needs to go to Keith Ellisons county-based national economic development plan. City-county bottom up stimulus-Keynesian pump priming is the only thing that worked for the American people. Republican economic policy: wait for it. . . wait for it . . wait for it . we got your money sucker,see??! We’re doin’ fine. Screw you.

  3. Some people did see 2008 collapse coming but it was two prescient women, Brooksly Borne and Elizabeth Warren. There were probably others too but they got through the media blockade. What did the wicked witch of the west say? “Don’t nobody bring me no bad news”. You don’t sell investment products with the truth. Cuz the truth is that the broker don’t have to tell you how much they’re making off your money. And the bailout that time should’ve gone to main street, not wall street just like this time. Plugging holes in the Titanic was a futile effort because two watertight sections had been ripped apart. Better off going to a new vessel, hey I know, The Green New Deal sometime before we lose the best 98% of the passengers and crew when this wreck really starts sinking. wallstreetonparade.com

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