Web Exclusive: Britain In Crisis!

  1. Hello,
    Here in Jolly old England were just as screwed as you guys by corrupt politicians, the truth is censored and information twisted by a bias media so the truth is allusive a pink fluffy unicorn but here is the basics:
    The referendum was a ploy because David Cameron thought he was going to get another collision grovenment in the 2014 election and was counting on Nick Clegg to veto It. When he won with a majority he was forced to let it happen and 51% of the people voted to leave. Most people in the UK despite what the media reports want to leave on the 31st of October because we just want it over with so we can enjoy the stress of Christmas! Our politician’s blocking us from leaving are undemocratic by not acting on the will of the majorly of the people who voted leave so we don’t really care what Boris Johnson does to make it happen as long as he makes Brexit and the EU go away forever even if it means our prime minster goes to prison and the country implodes.
    Our sole consolation throughout this mess is no matter how dumb our voting choices at least we never made Donald Trump our leader, dear god America what were you thinking!!!!
    Keep up the good work, having to watch you on internet now because my TV provider wont broadcast RT anymore 🙁

  2. “Please Queen Mother, may I close down the government so I can get my way?” Yeah, fuck the birth lottery.

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