MOC #292 – You Can Now Drive Across The US For Free, Mainstream Media Ignores It

  1. Doesn’t the electricity usually come from a coal-fueled electric plant? All models are over 600 dollars a month, after savings on fuel. So 69,000 to 89,000 for a car is just a tad out of my range. Hey companies are always giving things to celebrities, Lee, maybe you can get them to give you one!

  2. the mainstream media covers what their corporate masters want them to cover watch zeitgeist the movie- its on youtube and netflix theres two more addendum and moving forward- love your moments of clarity

  3. Hello lee camp, i whant to ask you or anyone ells who could anser my question. so here is the deal, i live im canada, Qebec and we have an oil pipeline that folows the st-laurents sea way, we’ve had it for many years now and it’s doing fine… and here is where it gets worst. Our government (or whoever is in charge of building oilpipes) decided it would be a good idea to rase the velosity of the oil comming through (west to est tord’s montreal) by roughly 8% and that a lot (+60 000 barils per day). so my question is: is this dangerous? i think it is and is there any way i could help to prevent any future spills?

  4. I don’t get how this electric car could go across country for free. Would you not have to pay for the electricity?

    Also, talk about a lack of media coverage…waaaay back in the day, when cars were first invented, they were invented to to run on fuel made from …. marijuana. This fuel can grow just about anywhere, cheaply, without pesticides…and run an engine so clean that it would pass a Martha Stewart while glove test.

    This is the news that could change the world…not using still more pollution generating electricity.

    I am not making this up. It is well documented. For one source, had you watched the 5 DVD package by Massimo Mazzucco, “The Great Lies of History”?

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