MOC #285 – You Won’t Believe Who’s Teaching Children To LOVE Fracking!

3 responses to “MOC #285 – You Won’t Believe Who’s Teaching Children To LOVE Fracking!”

  1. Skye says:

    If the chemical fluids are bad why not just use pure water to frack? Maybe not as fast but I am pretty sure water under pressure can blast through most anything. i.e. The Grand Canyon or i.e (and I’m not sure if girls can do this but I’d be willing to participate in a study) the canyons I used to create when I was a child and peed on the ground in a single spot. As opposed to just spraying my pee all over which is fun but does not produce any fracking canyons in the dirt although I do get runoff all over my face if I piss into the wind which I am sure there is a song that tells me over and over to ‘not’ do that.

  2. Singingway says:

    Bummer, I was going to go see Saving Mr. Banks, but now I have to BOYCOTT DISNEY!!!

  3. Iris Antin says:

    Anything oil and do hemp can do better
    Anything oil can do hemp can do too….

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