MOC #280 – Fast Food Workers Strike Nationwide While The Nation Becomes Extra Wide

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  1. Mr. Lee, very funny, HO HO HO, yes very funny! “Standard-ah-ah-ponentiality”,HA HA HA!
    Lets hear something about how the fat-fux at GM firing the UAW (United Auto Workers) from jobs that should have been theirs: You see: after the TAX-PAYERS bailed GM out w/$90,000,000,000.00,
    (HA..thats a lotta zero’s we, da TAX-PAYERS, gave them) and how did GM say THANK YOU? by building 6 new car manufacturing/assembly plants in, wait-wait,c’mon WAIT, bend over coz hear it comes…wait…TA-DA…FUCKIN CHINA! Yes, good friend CHINA. and even worse, to help the negotiations MRS. Bill CLINTON(HILARY) went along(as U.S. Secretary of State) and did so under the guise of rescuing a blind-Chinese man who supposedly ran into the U.S. embassy in Chiong King complaining of harassment!(SAY MRS.CLINTON: “OMG, picking on a blind-man!).
    RECAP: after taking $90Billion from the tax-payers GM built 6 new manufacturing/assembly plants in China (at a time when Detroit is filing for bankruptcy), not a single United Auto Worker will be paid(China sends their own workers abroad when they go outside China to build something..good friend China)and HILARY went along under the disguise of helping a blind-chinaman, who was(?) being harassed!

    OH YES, HO HO …not-so-very-funny!!! MR.Lee, u canna get some comedic mileage fromma dat story?HA HA HA, yes…very funny?

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