MOC #17 – Corporatism VS. Capitalism

  1. Hello again Lee Camp,

    I watched the last couple of episodes of moment of clarity and I have the following points to add to your discussion about capitalism vs corporatism.

    I submit that something needs to change regarding the false choice between an eventually corporatist for profit venture vs an eventually stuck in a political rut corporately run nonprofit organization. In particular there is no such animal as a nonprofit sole proprietorship where control rests with only one person who may be able to guarantee that the organization will stay true to its founding principles. While it may be necessary for a sole proprietor to use some of the first donations to support themselves while they work full time on the project, I see nothing wrong with having some self serving aspects to the structure of a not for profit sole proprietorship. By default because none of my businesses have ever made a net profit, I was always by default running a not for profit sole proprietorship. Lately this has taken the form of having zero dollars left in my bank account at the end of my month where I have spent all of my ssdi money after helping one homeless and now formerly homeless client and best friend get on her feet. If I ever get to the point where I have to pay taxes, I will at that point be running a for profit sole proprietorship. I prefer to keep the structure of my business as a sole proprietorship or possibly an LLC if it is legal to have one person in charge of employees.

    I suppose it would be possible to evolve into a more balanced structure where at least the business operations such as valet bike parking and tote storage would be supported by donations instead of having to earn a profit off of the actual storage business. I was already moving in that direction by having customers be able to pay it forward for other customers storage bills.

    How to govern the business with more than one person in charge while not becoming corporatist or otherwise part of the nonprofit industry complex is something that I need to explore.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    John Thielking
    Eugene Oregon USA

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