Jill Stein Might Be Arrested For Protesting Corporate Destruction At #StandingRock [VIDEO]

Presidential candidate Jill Stein joined other protesters in North Dakota in spray-painting a bulldozer being used to tear up sacred burial grounds. Now the state of North Dakota says they plan to arrest her for vandalism. This makes Jill Stein the only presidential candidate willing to stand with the people protesting the corporate destruction of our world. As you probably know, the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline is currently being constructed THROUGH the land of Standing Rock Reservation – as well as the private land of many other people. The Standing Rock Sioux say the pipeline could very easily pollute their only water source. The fact that Jill Stein could face charges is the perfect example of the criminalization of any action that even RESEMBLES getting in the way of the corporate state, even something as harmless as some paint on the side of a machine used for said destruction. However, truly criminal acts, such as tearing apart the sacred land of the Standing Rock Sioux, are not just LEGAL but profitable. This is the upending of a moral and just society. Anything done by the corporations and the politicians who serve them is legal. Anything done to stop their pillaging is illegal.

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  1. Although I agree with the protest and what is trying to be accomplished, she did commit an act of vandalism. It is the same thing as when I caught some youth spray painting on my fence. I did not consider it as some harmless paint, it was vandalism and yes I pressed charges!

  2. Jill Stein is as progressive (or more so) than Bernie Sanders, but this shows she is willing to do what needs to be done to get things done, as opposed to playing ball in a rigged game. I wish she was polling better.

  3. Really not the smartest thing for a hopeful presidential candidate to do. I do appreciate her being there and standing up for the environment but this is just irresponsible

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