Is It Time To Ban Churches? [VIDEO]

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  1. Btw, according to and study by the economist, C church USA spent 170 billion in 2012. Though some charity, much of their “”assets”” are in hospital holdings (and some in prisons / “edu” system), and as income compared to outlays by hospitals tends towards huge/costly due to markups and multipliers as pretty “standard” in the roughly $3,400,000,000,000 (2016, The Atlantic 2017 article) death to the planet “healthcare system usa.” Likely income is in the 500 billion to near trillion level, not including deaths frequently happening in hospitals and likely quite a few “financial instruments” are bequested in last days of generally unhealthy at end of more and more frequently costly and unhealthy lives, and likely outside of family, the church frequently shows up as benefactors of the made costly death processes / processing. Not to sound morbid and much about $$, yet the church/edu/etc assets of some organizations likely compete pretty well with the clinton in essay bush secret dis-services we get through their “foundations” and such (big bill$) shock in-doctrinations.. yes “religion” gets to hide lots of information / transactions, on the other side, in currents of US politics the DemGOP spends towards / displays / enacts lots of conspicuous toxic and costly bs yet probably doesnt even get as much negative press about that as the other organized…… i forget what the wrap up thought was for this comment.

  2. Yes, I should have taken time to spell out the well known other very wrong doings by “the church” (and, others {organizations and individuals} should not get off easily either. And yes, some victims are lucky and or have been helped out well as can be, and tho $ doesn’t make up for some ill, it #can# both help likelihood of better lives, and as well increase chances it wont be allowed to get so bad or so vile / evil in cover ups and hush hush.

  3. I dont know much of most of this recent story, yet “His church” built with such legacy of coverups and secrecy should give 100’s of millions or maybe billions to the people wronged and to people that are not religious affiliated that help people thatve been raped, pay for rape test kits in backlog, etc, etc..

  4. Yep, when people clearly know of their wrongs, weak if not empty apologies are what most toxic people will give back when one or group makes the dominators with their ill minds that lack heart clearly know of their wrongs. They take their bs addiction drink, pills, and big box n boutique and slavin’ away trade products / affluent n gross consumerisms alongside society that expects and demands accolades and jewels for treating people wrongly and opprsessively. While this pope guy tried pretty well for a while on ecology concerns of the world and its made poor slaves, once there is questioning that might concern / lead to genuine change or might mean loss of few percent of their ‘gold’ stash from serving slave & dominator society / “we mess our lives (and yours) so you dont have to” dont worry yourselves / we are the ones drunken stupid, on various, attitudes. ie, rare is healthy and right recompense for wrongs made well right by asshole(s) / groups of assholes if this means they cant keep ya as their working or near dead desperate enough slave to their repeatitive wrongs as if some of their dealings / cesspool toxins aren’t difficult enough to deal with without continuence of their known & ill game.

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