Common Censored #29 – Reliable Media, Mercenary Killings, Knowledge Pay Wall,

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  1. The extra content will stop playing. Started over with same result. Had some trouble last week also.

  2. If I lived in a democracy I would vote to outlaw filibusters and pass laws to immediately export any citizen that needs to be shipped back for trial or WHATEVER to the country where they committed crimes.
    Why should my home be a refuge for monsters and why do I have to watch my back because of some creep who desperately wants to cash in on the horrible punishment that THEY have earned and deserve.
    Maybe we should just convict and execute them here to avoid the chance they may be extradited to a civilized country that has banned capital punishment.

  3. Thanks for your work. Sometimes you must feel like John the Baptist, yelling the truth from the wilderness that most don’t want to hear. But a lot of us do! So keep on doing your courageous work!

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