Hunter Biden Scandal Proven TRUE While Media Covers It Up (Moment Of Clarity)
  1. As you and Glenn Greenwald have stated this was corrupt but so was president Donald trump hiring almost his entire immediate family and son in law and putting them on the federal payroll even selling things, conducting business with other nations wealthy from the oval office and taking loans from foreign banks like Kushner. We have some breathing room with president Bidens election but all this negative publicity is not helping anyone but the GOP and the insanely dishonest ex president getting ready to run again on more lies.They are all selling influence to investors whether they are foreign or domestic. Lobbying is an immoral practice, a criminal practice of bribery and perks for influence legalized in Washington and state governments by both parties. Both Hillary and Trump ran phony charities and both sold influence to high bidders both foreign and domestic. Both parties are corrupt only the GOP and followers are ten times more radicalized and insane than most Democrats. Lee you are spot on don’t quit looking and telling us what you find in your creative way .

  2. Obviously, Fakebook knew the story was true at the time, or they wouldn’t have swept it under the fact-checking rug.
    I was reading an interesting article by Chris Hedges on about oligarchs (D) vs autocrats (R). Ties right into this.
    Speaking of massive systemic corruption, watch The Con documentary or the on Bill Black, The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.

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