HUNDREDS of Economists & Lawyers Send Letter To Obama To Stop The TPP


HUNDREDS of award-winning economists and lawyers penned a letter to President Obama telling him to STOP the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Even Obama’s Harvard Law School mentor, Professor Larry Tribe, signed on! And here’s perhaps the most incredible part – These are PRO-Free Trade academics who say the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a legal catastrophe for America. The heart of the problem is also the heart of the TPP: The investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) regime would “empower thousands of multinational corporations to challenge U.S. policies before panels of three private lawyers to demand taxpayer compensation.” That’s right – If we sign off on TPP, we open ourselves up to HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of claims by the greediest corporations in the world. And those claims will be decided by three corporate judges. Basically the ISDS gives up our sovereignty as a country and puts it in the hands of multinational corporations. And considering the TPP was written by 600 corporate lawyers while the American people were not allowed to see it – this should not be a surprise. …But the approval of this awful “trade” deal looks shakier now than it ever has.

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  1. The recent failure to jam ring charges against Wells Fargo management is just business as usual! TPP will turn our world upside down. There is no turning back. Obama is committing treason against America with pursuit of TPP.

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