“How To Make Renewable Energy More Dangerous” – MOC #187

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7 responses to ““How To Make Renewable Energy More Dangerous” – MOC #187”

  1. leecamp says:

    Thank you both! It’s okay about the support. I hope things pick up for you soon. Keep fighting.

  2. Michael and Karen Nelson says:

    Hey Lee, We loved your take on MOC- #187. We would like to support you, but we both cannot at this time, for we both became unemployed after many years at the same company. We currently are both in college studying Green Technology. -Best wishes, Michael and Karen

  3. leecamp says:

    That deal only started a few weeks ago. But I’ll email you with the download anyway.

  4. Havoth says:

    Hey Lee – it’s so true. Gotta make it hard and sexy and violent in our culture – this explains machoism extremists and video games. At the end you say members at any level – I’m only a $5/month supporter and I bought your book from Kindle, but I did not get a download deal for any album. What gives?

  5. Embi says:

    Hey, Lee! Haven’t seen you in a good bit. Colorado says, “Hi.” 🙂 I really like the bubbles that pop up through the videos, a la Stephen Colbert’s Word blurbs; excellent addition to the Moment of Clarity! Stay safe. I forgot to ask you how you were dealing with the storm, but I hope that you are doing well. P.S.: Did you vote Rosanne for 2012????

  6. Paula Wilkie says:

    I guess it can be hard living in the US to see any increase in uptake in renewable energy but over in Europeland it’s spreading…okay UK is doing it kicking and screaming but we are getting there. As for sexing it up… Stag nights and Hen nights, that’s the ticket. See which drunk bloke can piss furthest up a wind turbine, which can soak up the most sun radiation, solar panel versus Wendy ‘deep Mahogany’ Smith. Sorted (grin)

  7. Jef Knight says:

    Hahaha…nice one, Lee.


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