MOC #68 – Money Rebellion

  1. One of the People’s Party slogans could be: No more killing people. Not abroad, not through the courts, not through police. No. More. Killing. People.

  2. Phone with no operator.
    Money with no bank.

    Engineers call it a peer to peer system
    You have a realm. Everyong is a peer of the realm.

    Skype is peer to peer phone on the net
    Microsoft bought Skype and screwed it up to insert themselves as middle man.

    With money on the line
    Hom can you think hedge funds will not steal it.
    They stole everything else.

    I do know shit. WHY DO YOU leave
    Email open. Do you think job offers will roll in. You got Charisma
    But did you notice what dicks all the rich people are.

    You are like Jimmy Adorable
    You are too nice.

    Free advice is worth the price” Charlie Ponzi

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