Here’s What They Won’t Tell You About The J20 Trial Going On Now!

There is a crucial trial going on right now concerning the anti-Trump protesters arrested during his inauguration. The mainstream media refuses to cover this trial yet it could impact the future of protests, dissent, and free speech in this country. EVERYONE should care about this.

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  1. Lee, I sincerely appreciate what you do. I am so grateful that I was able to stumble onto Redacted Tonight on YouTube. You and The Crew (Natalie, Nikki, John) do a great job of finding the information that a woefully uninformed American citizenry needs to know. Redacted and many of the other RT shows provide the truth of what America is, the ‘American Nightmare’. It is tragically comical that American Media, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the White House try to paint RT as a Russian propaganda agency. This is especially NOT funny when all the Corporate Media spreads to American Citizens is Pluto-Corporate Propaganda. Because of this I am deeply concerned about the repeal of Net Neutrality. I believe that the Internet has been a pain in the ass of the ‘Ruling Class’ in America. I know that the assholes at the top are able to turn the American Dream into the American Nightmare because they control the information spread to the masses. They control what is played/said on the radio, and they control the messaging on televisions in all American Homes. But, they cannot control what is spread over the Internet, that is since Net Neutrality was put in place. Sure the repeal of net neutrality is about the corporations taking advantage of a money grab opportunity with jacking up prices of services and the ability to slow down the access speed of companies and organizations’ that won’t give into their extortion. However, I see this as the ability of the ruling class and corporations to control what information gets out to the people, and whose voice they are able to silence to prevent the truth of what goes on in America and our government from getting out. (Progressive Media is killing it !!!) Considering what happened at Occupy Wall Street, Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, and now J20, we live in a pseudo America, and not the one that we dream about or that was described in the US Constitution, nor the America that we tell the rest of the world that we live in. We are in a sad situation. It is time for us to stand up. Thanks again for leading the way. . .

  2. I think it is obvious what is going on. People like Sorros who fund many of these so-called “demonstrations”, can easily place a few people in the crowd who are paid to cause property damage, so that it can be called a riot. And then, if this “guilty by association” bullshit works, they can then use it to arrest and convict the peaceful demonstrators, while being careful not to convict their paid plants.

    The way to fight back is for the peaceful demonstrators to perform a citizen’s arrest on anyone seen causing damage.

  3. They may as well throw the freaking Constitution in Boston Harbor with the freaking tea. This is insane.

  4. If this shit doesn’t get tossed and makes it to the supremes, the original prosecutor will be completely embarrassed.

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