Gov’t Secrets #29 – JFK Assassination Pt. 4 & Operation Cyclone

Lee Camp & Graham Elwood continue their discussion on the JFK Assassination & Operation Cyclone!
  1. Absent in the Warren-Dulles report are Two very telling facts / evidence that shed much needed lite on the case.

    The last phone calls Oswald made from jail. Oswald’s last calls were obviously to be extremely important to a man who claimed to have been framed. Why did he call the two numbers he did and what was he thinking would benefit from those calls….from jail, where he was going to be gunned down the next day. Did those calls have anything to do with Ruby Ruby Ruby given the go ahead……or, was Oswald expecting help and called to be saved?

    I strongly believe that these post assassin’s actions and the outcomes are strong tell

  2. Yes. Reading the Warren Report, just like reading the 9/11 report, makes it Very clear that the Warren Commission wasnt looking for “the Truth”, but for a watered down, not very investigative, minimally satisfying story that, if ‘the People’ collectively accepted it, would carry the day, with no further questions nor investigation. Only problem was, it left far too many unanswered questions, loose ends, and unsatisfying answers to valid concerns…. the most obvious of which is… if he was (supposedly) shot from behind & above… the laws of motion would have his head move in the direction the velocity was going! But, they want us to believe his head moved exactly the opposite of what science tells us it would. Then there’s the missing bullets & fragments; snd the autopsy photos. The “missingness” of these, is damned convenient for someone!

  3. There was a radio program “Worldwatchers” with Mae Brussel. You may not be able to download the program. There is a book called “Harvey and Lee” that tells about 2 people with the same last name but different first name. The cia gets burned almost every time they screw with the people
    when they try to put a dictator in power like they did in Iran in 1953.

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