[FULL EPISODE] Most Corrupt In The World, Cambridge Analytica, More Election Fraud

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  1. Thought a great segment would be coverage of all successes of the revolution underway: Shutting down BHP, NRG in my town alone. Outlawing oil trains. Solar taking over everywhere. Natural farming on tiny suburban plots and rooftops!
    Thanks for the interview with Golinger…now there in Venezuela is a revolution presently underway, fighting the same demons we do, it is all the same for all of us. Maduro got the bitcoin threatening the us dollar while government ties resource use to direct socialization of the population…we all could do that…
    Eva seems, as I, still disconsolate by the death of Chavez. But Maduro is standing up to the Western bully with representation of Venezuela’s people and innovative ideas how to retain Venezuelan sovereignty and responsible land use in the face of mad ass Exxon empire in ruin. AND
    Wait’ll AMLO gets Presidency of Mexico. It will be on then.
    Thank you all for lighting the way.

  2. Your comedy’s meaning is more important than our government bs.
    Remember Lee when you get to Denmark one cold carlsberg is on me, love from Denmark ?

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