[FULL EPISODE] Bitcoin Revolution, C0ps Stealing DNA, Media Fail On Extreme Weather

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  1. I get the bitcoin explanation. However, I do absolutely no banking online and almost no purchasing online either. None globally and not even that much here I the U.S. I have perfectly good underwear that is older than Lee Camp. Well, not really, but you should get the point.
    I believe that, within a short while, even https encryption will be as easily hacked as Equifax files. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to have something I can hold in my hand, whether or not it has no more actual value than digital currency. After all, throughout history, anything has never had value unless we have said it did – if we decided to stop valuing gold and diamonds, they’d be just like over abundant baseball cards. So, as you can see from the preceding, bitcoin would have virtually no personal value to me.
    And, it is not just pharmaceutical companies, but virtually all corporations that bleed Americans dry as compared to other advanced countries. Check out some of the advanced European countries and see how little they pay for cable, cell phones and internet. It seems that, in the U.S. prices are geared to the average adult or family income and the less fortunate get short-changed.
    And combining climate-change with the pharmaceutical discussion, the change is so obvious to anyone paying attention that even Stevie Wonder could see it. And don’t even get me started on homelessness. My position – there shouldn’t be any in a civilized society. So, I guess we know what that means about the U.S.

  2. Excellent show once again, Lee.

    Interesting you should talk about Alaska warming up, because Alaskans have directly observed and been discussing this for at least the twenty+ years I’ve been there. In ’94 I suffered severe allergies and when I went to see my physician, she told me that nearly everyone was affected. The reason? Vegetation & fungi that hadn’t bloomed in 100 years…. Due to a warming environnent.

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