“Four Ways Fox News Manipulates You” – M.O.C. video #130

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  1. I just saw your Feb 25th 2008 foxnews piece. You did what everyone else dreams of doing. Classic Mr. Camp. All time coolest move ever made by anyone ever. Loved it.


  2. FOX = Fascist Orwellian Xenophobes.

    Projection is also hating certain characteristic in yourself but not being courageous enough to face your own faults; so these cowards project their faults onto others and then proceed to beat them up. It’s like committing a grand terrorist act and then drawing all the attention to a race and/or religion that others already find suspect and blaming them for a grand terrorist schemes all the while capitalizing on the paranoia.

    Two weeks ago Diane Sawyer told us how the Fed head, Ben Bernanke “navigated us through the Wall St. Collapse.” Oh thank you Ben and Diane for letting us into your mutual admiration society. Diane, how about asking for a full audit of the Fed while you have his attention?
    GE, who makes nuclear weapons, Gatling guns that shoot their own nuclear waste bullets, depleted uranium, and who owns or did own NBC, MSNBC was able to screen Dennis Kucinich from the Las Vegas presidential debate in 2008. How nice that a military contractor can own a giant media empire, and decide what candidates we get to listen to. If that was not enough, MSNBC also provided the moderator and selected the questions and of course, the cameras were primarily directed to the two corporate candidates, Obama and Clinton. And don’t get me started on AIPAC member Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Blitzer. I just hope the warmongers in the republican party and their front mouth pieces Limpdick and O’Really? are the first to join the Israelites in Azerbaijan as they prepare to invade Iran. I want these pricks to be the first to see the Russians and Chinese pouring over the hills in hundreds of millions. I want them to actually put their own lives on the line for the profits of the oil giants. By the way, look up the US Azerbaijan chamber of commerce and check out the member’s list. Make the connections.

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