Forcing Millions Out Of Their Homes

  1. A parallel occured to me between the act of Israel forcing Gazans to live in a refugee camp (just another prison away from prison) for Palestinians in the Sinai desert and the historical wandering in the desert before “god” told the Jews to destroy several tribes of people, including the Philistines, and take their land. So this is actually the third time this has been done to the Palestinian people, except that now it is probable, as you mentioned in a previous podcast, that some Gazans may actually be the descendants of Jews who converted [to Christianity or] to Islam. So much irony. You would think the Israelis would have some sense of guilt over this current genocide. I’m glad to see Jews, even religious Jews and elderly children of holocaust survivors coming forward and condemning the actions of the Zionist State.

  2. It makes me ill to think of Israel doing this to the people of Gaza, journalists, or anyone who is anti-Zionist. They are monsters.

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