“Executing An Innocent Man And Other Summertime Fun!” – MOC#48

  1. Hey Trav,
    Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind. Let me know if you run across podcasts or blogs that might like to play MOC. But again, thank you for the kind words. Stuff like that is honestly what keeps me going.


  2. Hi Lee,

    Nice work! I just stumbled on your videos (and you yourself for that matter) via a YouTube link… What a surprise find!

    You are kicking ass and taking names. I like it. A lot.

    By no means am I a powerful or connected individual, but I do have a lot of passion. Passion for life, passion for justice, passion for f’n common sense.

    If there is anything I can do to help you and our (enlightened) barbarian hordes storm the gate and raze Rome, let me know.


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