Destruction Of The Free Internet Nears Completion

  1. The Redacted Tonight crew already disseminates content to if you are curious to know “Mots” and I totally love the Bit Chute idea. Did you also know that Barret Brown is launching his own platform to compete against You Tube that’s also pro whistleblower?

  2. Dear Lee
    So, the internet is getting locked down, with google(youtube)/facebook, and financial control of ISPs as linchpins.

    I think that bitchute ( is a strong contender for replacing youtube for various reasons. Could you please consider uploading your content to bitchute? I recommend everyone consider why this is a good next step:

    This is just the beginning of the dark ages. The deep state eventually will shut down RT and go after everyone who disagrees with their war civilization. In the context of your having an email list of subscribers and the ability to post at peer to peer sites such as bitchute, I wish you a long internet life.

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