Could Trees Hold The Answer?
  1. We should grow weed too. Hemp is a more sustainable resource for things like paper so we can save more trees. A pot farm can drastically lower the temperature and consume CO2. Kill the pain and save the Earth at the same time!

  2. Forests build up soil as they age and they capture rising methane. Farms don’t.
    There are practical limits to farmland on Earth and humans are already pushing those limits.
    What we eat can make a big difference to how much land is required for our daily calories.
    A rough rule of thumb is that animal products take about ten times as much land as food from plants.
    Food retailers are trying to sell more animal products because they are more profitable.
    Their advertisements in developing countries are increasing foreign consumption of animal products.
    This trend alone could soon exhaust all resources on Earth and lead to our extinction.

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