NEW PROOF: No Evidence Russia Hacked DNC Emails (Web Exclusive)

  1. Not only to take the pressure off Hillary, not only to vilify socialist thinking and Bernie Sanders, it may have been initiated primarily to control Trump’s actions and manipulate him into being hostile toward Russia and keeping that war machine humming as I heard Aaron Mate saying in an interview on the Useful Idiots podcast.

  2. Great presentation. Thanks, Mr Lee.
    Many major (and rich) corporations get hacked (because of poor security), and they hire PR firms to say it wasn’t their fault. Crowdstrike is one of the best of those PR firms, and they convinced all those Americans who are easily convinced and don’t need anything like ‘proof’ or ‘evidence’.

  3. I believe most Americans know the corruption but we have mostly been trained to be separated “individualists” since birth & therefore also feel isolated socially (social media doesn’t count…they are mostly strangers to us like “friends” on Facebook. Edward Bernard was hired by the American Chamber of Commerce to train us this way for a reason & it was to put down the growing Socialist masses after The Great Depression. It works.

  4. Thanks Lee for constantly spreading the truth, Redacted Tonight is my favourite RT show ??

  5. ammericans will soon became alone . . . . . and soon also inferior in all aspect of life
    and exceptionalism
    and this day many will go to the river admiring the dead ammerican body flowing in the current

  6. why in western countries there are EVER the same ways of trying to spread lies despite mountains of evidences of contrary?
    and why mainstream media continue to make their image so bad? for pursue the same level of idiot behavior? also in front of tons of evidences?
    IT’S TRUE… people are sheep which follow whatever bullshit for decades, but in front of all that deceitful and insane behavior before or after american people, american allies, and whoever was in some form following american way of life will start to change their behavior when ammerica will ask for help or whatever non involvement for american criminal behavior

  7. Because, election fraud is a federal crime. Recall the 2016 primary when the exit polls were worse as the campaign progressed. No DNC leaders, no Senator from Vermont ever showed at Edison Research to request the raw polling data.

    Only one legit reason. You do not want the software and/or hardware hacks exposed.

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