Common Censored – Election Night Catharsis, Things To Do In the Meantime

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  1. fleiri politikarar halda ― many politicians hold
    Some guy on Twitter talked about being “based and Fleiried”

    I am no good with languages
    Near as I can tell he is speaking
    Icelandic. He is from the Faroe islands

    You speak Sewedish which is almost the,same. Do you know what he means by Fleiried
    Wiki says it means Many politicians
    Is it censored
    Censoring is what politicians do

    I know your busy. It is just no use asking Jimmy Dore or Lee Camp
    Unless it is Polish.

  2. I saw the anarchist episode
    I am sure he grew that beard so the animals would not be scared of him.
    I grew long hair in high school and the girls were not scared of me.
    If you feed the bears and do not put them in cages they will not bite
    Do not try to give bears one marshmallow at a time. They want the whole bag.

    Tom Rush used to feed raccoons
    He was afraid of bears

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