Podcast #231 – People rising all over the world, squid eating our babies, and much more…


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2) First song is “These Wings” by “The Darlings” and closing song is “Bad Moon Rising” by Credence Clearwater Revival

3) Info on how Chinese people are getting around the censors with big yellow ducks, CLICK HERE.

4) More on soldiers fined 1,000 pounds for abus – CLICK HERE.

5) More on Turkey, CLICK HERE.

6) More on North Carolina protests, CLICK HERE.

  1. The issue with the gas and chemical weapons is more about how brutal the damage and suffering they cause. Most nations recognize how horrific it is, bombs and guns and such can cause pain and suffering but not quite the same. Chemical weapons cause mass, slow, painful deaths. That’s my take on it. Not a fan of either chemical or standard ordinance, but that’s the reasoning.

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