Common Censored #123 – RNC Has No Platform, MPP Convention, Israeli Bombing, & Latest Police Brutality

  1. So off we go to the war-mongering races again. That blast in Beirut had a nuclear signature. So that means that the Israelis probably did it. And like they always do, they deny it. But let’s see how Israel has messed up Lebanon in the past.
    1) Incursion into southern Lebanon a couple of years ago killed 2,000+ civilians and civilian housing was shelled with white phosphorus shells.

    2) An Iranian Mahan airlines 767 was almost downed the other day by a couple of F-15s which forced an emergency descent with a number of passengers injured by the descent. (

    3) An F-15 dropped a tactical nuke, a bunker buster, on an operations center in Beirut a couple of years ago; this is VERY escalative and such actions can lead to a regional-global nuclear conflagration. Relevant Israeli parties in strategic positions could care less-like Jim Jones, man. An israeli F-15 dropped a tactical nuke in yemen a few years back; for what reason (, For the saudis-hear about their use of child soldiers in Yemen?

    2) Israel has consistently aggressed criminally in the occupied territories, escalating way beyond any substantial security considerations. Both Hezbollah and Hamas are forces mostly operating defensively or in reaction to criminal aggression by the Israelis.

    3) Israel has never negotiated in good faith over the situations in the occupied territories.

    4) The real shame here is that both Trump and Kushner would try to put a happy face on this ungodly mess with Kushner profiteering off of sweatshop businesses he runs in the occupied territories; SLAVES ‘R US!!.

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