Common Censored 15 – Divestment Victories & Dystopian World of Tomorrow

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  1. Jesus riding a raptor into Jerusalem, biting the heads off the money lenders. I’d watch that movie.

  2. CNN stands for Clearly Not News, right? Whenever I visit my parents and the TV is on Fox News, I always switch the channel to RT when they’re not paying attention.

  3. and accounwe we t Dear Lee Capmp I’m felling confuses by your e-mail seriously are you offended by my donation? I didn’t mention nothing about USA interfering on Nicaragua and I’m always supported your work on my Twitter I’m not scrapping my budget but by now I support 6 animal causes shelters and even Snowden so if my modest $20 CN for now offended you I apologize won’t happen again and seriously your kind of angry message disappointed me 🙁 keep up your good work keep fighting! regards Carmen

  4. You’re able to make $1 donations whenever you want. There’s a donate button that is not connected to a schedule. But also let me just say – If you are scraping by, please do not donate. I want people to have money to eat and support themselves. If you’re on your last dollar, please do not donate it to our podcast. Thank you for the kind thoughts though!

  5. This is my first Common Censored and I loved it. About the plan to engineer a type of society and the Powell memo. Noam Chomsky’s Requiem for the American dream shows from both the left and right actual planning documents that refer to depoliticizing the population because in the 60’s there was interference with the political classes plans. This could be a goal of the deconstruction of education in all of North America. Very good film

  6. Nah, Trump is right about one thing; our greatest threat is fake news media(CNN, Fox, MSNBC) and their Russophobic screech-o-meter trying to drive us into WW3 and even more grotesque over spending on the military. Walk Away, best thing to ever happen to the Democrat Party, time to leave the corporate Democrats twisting in the wind. Me, I always thought that Meagan Kelly was the Red Dog Leader of the Tactical Womans Assault Team or TWAT for short. She was good at mindless verbal assault of her guests when she worked for Fox. Cunt? Has someone spent too much time looking at their vagina with a hand mirror? Sweeden? How did they move from Vikings to PC panseys? What a sad demise. The Sons of Odin are trying to make a comeback for the Vikings, yeah right? Don’t forget to mention (PSA) that Amazon people pissing in jars also do not have time to wash their hands after pissing in jars which creates an unsanitary work environment. Do you really want to buy products handled by unsanitary hands in an unsanitary work place? Love you guys.

  7. Hi Lee Camp let us make $1 donations when ever we want. The $5 per month is just a cup of coffee to you and makes us that worry about $5 at the end of each and every month feel less worthwhile. I read various folks views and often make a one time dollar donation. If millions did that it would make a difference perhaps. Anyway I am not going to donate $5 per month on your scedule; I am just a person that donates often with a dollar when I like a action just to say way to go and to feel part of the solution. Old & foolish right? Seems that folks working to make things better would make it easy for everyone to feel involve; not make us poor feel more useless, unapreciated and just out of the Loop & looked upon with derision and scorn even by you folks who are keeping on fighting.

  8. I would send $1.2 every now & then at my decision not monthly. I like your work but am on fixed income

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