Common Censored #72 – Hurricanes, Fake Burgers & Fairness No More

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  1. Homo sapiens are genetic omnivores. Our bodies do not produce B-12, which is widely available in animal products. I have heard that we can get enough B-12 by eating one egg a month though. I do not support corporate animal production, It is unhealthy and inhumane, but home or sustainably grown and humanely processed animal products are an acceptable alternative. Granted, ideally we should limit our meat intake, and avoid processed foods for a healthier diet. Some vegans have a false sense of superiority. Do not be judgmental. Many animals are obligate carnivores.

    LOL. Eat the rich. Bwahahaha. The young and the less active, more marbled ones would be more tender.

    Corn syrup in the diet is also conducive to weight gain.

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