Common Censored #4 – Wall St. Ponzi Scheme, May Day Workers, & more

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  1. I’m watching Frontline, right after listening to this podcast. In the episode, they discuss how Wall Street’s Ponzi schemes broke Puerto Rico prior to the hurricane. The bank UBS raped those people, took their profits in ‘fees’ and left, destabilizing the economy, and leaving their gov’t so broke (and the people who invested with them without their savings) that one could call it a level 4 financial hurricane, prior to ‘Maria.’ If their gov’t weren’t so broke, many things could have been repaired by now. Really sad.

  2. Loved the show Lee. You and Elenore make a good pairing – on-air.

    ShMeat is a possibility in the future. Thanks for including it.

    Aside from the Petro-part of the Dollar… There is real security backing it… Technically the US Gov’t used pur asses as collateral when it created Social Security – amid the financial collapse of the 1930’s.

    The CREDIT of tbe STATES was used to restructure the dollar – and leave the Gold Standard – initially.

    Around 2000 – I became my own bank. The Treasury Secretary got a REGISTERED Letter with a Bill of Exchange and some other goodies.

    Since that time, I’ve been trying to work – with a criminal system – to get it to honor my rights. We are approaching the time when all that work on my part – and all the criminality on their part actually pays off.

    There is NO TELLING how these folks will respond, when I mention that they’ve ‘been in check’ since 2000… And now itz MATE.

    If they go quietly – we will have plenty of resources to share. If they lash out in a violent and/or retaliatory fashion… then “Dont Mourn – Organize!”

  3. I really wanna eat bugs (rather than the occasional piece of meat) but I agree the thought of them isn’t really all that appetizing. Maybe if the buggy burgers with a side order of fried grubs were sold by fast food outlets that gave away collectable toys with them…? Great show, Eleanor and Lee!

  4. Thanks for making it easier to download the podcast… Now I can take you with me – to remote “bug-out” locations…

    Amazing as it may seem… There are a few locations left… That aren’t totally bathed in carcinogenic 5G Radiation… And I travel to ’em – on occassion.
    Wedge-Sat.PM…Me. Total blackmail material… If any of my foot- or body- surfing friends see it.

  5. Great show Lee and Eleanor. It’s nice listening to your common sense while I data entry away on my computer in the comfort of my own home. It’s amazing how much I get into trouble with my family and friends trying to educate them on the evils of the various systems we exist with. Apathy is killing us! They know things are not as they should be. They just don’t want to hear about it. We all know about climate deniers, but I submit that just as dangerous to us all, are the truch deniers. Keep fighting and acting out and we’ll grow old together.

  6. Hi Lee & Eleanor;

    I listened to at least 40% and had to skip around some as this is prime time business hrs (8am – 6pm) But you didn’t mention at all the fact that trends, dads and perceived needs tremendously influence the stock market. My daughter inherited a nice trust fund from her father’s family and is sorely in need of lots of stock mkt education so she doesn’t get screwed by JP Morgan! Please Lee, please do a show or two on BitCoin. Are you aware that at The 24 hr Diner Rest In Adams Morgan there is a Bitcoin ATM!!! I still don’t truly get Bitcoin and I bet you have thousands of listener/fans who are at my level of cognitive aware of Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies. How do those other cyber currencies that don’t have the star power of Bitcoin. Could you kindly explain it to us? I look forward to that. Also, I’m interested in the Cause and effect of the huge rat & mouse problem in DC. Perhaps you could do it as a national investigation since your audience spans our whole fruited plain or really internationally to be totally inclusive. I kind of already knew most of what you & Eleanor had to say about stocks. Have you ever checked out Fidelity, Thrivent or Stockpile? Thank You in advance (You & Natalie could do a great interview on these issues on RedActed with all those helpful visuals. I love your graphics❣️ They really underline and send your intended message or critical thinking humor Home!) See your DC shows in May! (I’m glad you’re not Michelle Wolf??!!) Shoshana

  7. A few years ago, I read a research article about how marijuana seeds have the ability to end world hunger and malnutrition. It is a complete food, very high in protein. This is a very brief synopsis: Mulvaney. I’d rather pot seeds than bugs and it’s good for the earth as well.

  8. Hi Greg, you are incorrect about this – at least for most stocks. Look at the fine print when you purchase a stock of Google. You are not “part owner” unless you mean the .0001 cent they owe you for the stock. You are also not entitled to any of their profits – (dividends). So if you aren’t entitled to any profits, aren’t entitled any any money for your stock, and don’t make decisions for the company – How does that make you part owner?

  9. Lee and Elenore are the two foul mouthed dissidents with hearts of gold that we all need in our lives

  10. Stock shares actually have a value in that it represents part ownership of the company, and companies have real assets. And valuation of stocks is based on a real number known as the price to earnings ratio.

    That said, everything you said about how the market works, is ultimately true.

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