Common Censored #65 – Elite Schools n’ Elite Fools, The Criminal Reality of Cop Shows and Human Rights vs. Climate Change

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  1. Lets not ‘Fight’ lets ‘Come together’ as you suggested and ‘Work’, ‘Try’, ‘Imagine a better world for all’.
    Those in power are Soooo frightened of losing thier power (poor neurotics that they are) so lets not use the words ‘fight’ or ‘overthrow’ it’ll scare the bejesus outa them and, when people are scared they close ranks, form a lager, or just plain get violent, and as you suggested, try to hi-jack socialist movements etc.
    First time I’ve listened to your podcast…..loved it!!!
    I’m 75 and at last more people are saying what I’ve thought and said for years….Ahhh, goodness, isn’t it time for change , good change!
    Old Hippy Sue

  2. A quick observation for the sake of debate. Mid way through CC#65 you guys were talking about how the stupid things most all of us did in our youth should not be data mined by potential employers, schools etc. and used against us. We were, after all, just stupid kids.

    How do you square that to Brett Kavanaugh? Were his youthful actions, that yes were horrible-I’m not debating that, all just the things a stupid kid might do? That they should not be a factor for potential employers, Supreme Court hearing etc.

    So I guess we can say rape or violent actions committed in our youth are something that should be considered in future situations. What else would fall into that allowable category? Who gets to decide which youthful actions are off limits and which are to be tattooed to your forehead?

    I don’t have a pony in this debate other that Kavanaugh should not be sitting on any Court. Just an observation.

    Great show as always!

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