Common Censored #30 – Pittsburgh Massacre, Trans Rights, Not Exercising and Art Medicine

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  1. Another excellent episode. Good to be informed that antidepressants only help about 25% of patients (and may have serious side effects), so alternate methods of overcoming depression should be the first gotos for the vast majority of people.

    Have to say “Chomsky is still a Noam”, very funny (but do agree that trolls are nasty predators which would eat Noam)

  2. For anyone out there taking these drugs, please know that going outside and having hobbies (including hobbies that involve intense exercise) are most likely far more effective than anti-depressants and mood stabilizers.

    Further, these drugs have serious mental and physical health concerns and often have the opposite effect of what they are intended.

    My assertion is based on conversations with health professionals and personal experience. I have never suffered from depression, but I tried these medications in a quest to stabilize my chronic insomnia.

    On a side note, the US is really the only country in the world who has this “problem.” Other cultures – people in Europe for example – live a more communal existence rather than en capsulized at work, in our cars and at home on the couch.

    Go outside! Run until you cannot run any further. Exhaust yourself and enjoy the euphoria, the endorphins brought about through intense exercise that you cannot find in a gym.

  3. On the question of who’s in what generation: Different “experts” have different definitions, but Millennial includes those born circa 1981-2004. The authors of “The Fourth Turning” have provisionally named post-2004 the Homeland Generation.

    Strauss & Howe have been accused of harboring far-right sympathies & even Anglo-American-supremacist tendencies. Steve Bannon is supposedly a big fan of theirs. But nothing I’ve read by them suggests those proclivities to me. (Yes, I’m using big words to appeal to the sapiosexuals.) They may lean conservative, but not ultra-conservative.

    I find their analysis fascinating—even if your generation says as much about you as your astrological sign—and cling to their vision of Millennials as a Hero generation that may just save the world from fascism & climate change.

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