Common Censored #168 – Afghan Women / San Fran Fights The Hungry / NY Times Fights Unions
  1. I’m being continually censored as I wirite. Let’s see how it goes. I’ve been trying for more than a week to subscribe to Lee via Patreon without success. Once I got evey thing right and just had to click to make my contribution but what I got was ‘oops. Something went wrong. Try again.” I tried again many times. Once Patreon told me I had successfully entered their domain??? A da or two ago a lee Camp video appeared in my post sent a Camp video without my having paid my dues?Or did they pinch the money? It is obvious that someone is stopping me form getting your stuff.. I have seen some Camp videos here and there but I want all of you (Joke).. I’d rather pay a lager sum for a longer time than do little operations

  2. Humans who remove themselves from the “Food Chain” are ignorant! Food scraps should be discarded openly outdoors for scavengers, In Geneva Township Wi it is ILLEGAL to do so! WHY? Garbage disposals should be outlawed! It should be ILLEGAL for restaurants to NOT give their leftover edibles to the HOMELESS! LIFE is my religion & I take orders from NOBODY.

  3. Your rad indi media is not working. This is another time the article named is not there, occasionally the second or third attempt achieves the correct objective..but not today…

  4. Your rad indi media is not working. This is the 3rd day the article named is not there

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