Audio Podcast #417-Veteran Ernest Miller IV Talks About the Lack Of Veteran Care with Lee Camp

  1. Thank you Lee Camp.

    I did quite a bit of research on this story and the missing billions of cash from Iraq. The story became silenced by the press and information “vanished” off the internet at the time. The interview with a military witness brings this right to today’s cover up of why and how we really go to war. This is a very well rounded interview and commentary providing the acute information that helps understand why most Americans never know why or how the US instigates and actually starts a war. And thank you for discussing the cognitive dissidence many in the military and especially their families experience. My own “military training, brainwashing and cognitive dissonance experience” was very similar.

  2. Great post, is this guy an actor? Wth did you find him? Man, if his face wasn’t nontv worthy you shoukd have him on again, or as correspondent! You know, when comedy central picks yall up. 90% of the time we murder the wrong human. Wow. Fantastic reporting the last few weeks!

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