Common Censored #136 – Vaccine Details, Pentagon Picks & Water Futures

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  1. Austin will oversee America’s only nationwide federal jobs creation program – which has the #1 goal as per the 2019 NDAA, direct quote, “Build a more lethal force.” Aka: Kill People Better, with can’t stop a war adder in 2020 NDAA, now aka: Kill People Better Forever.

    Also where’s my jab? I’m high risk and want to trial Pfizer’s medical liability disclaimer. Or maybe wait a year and see what drops.

    Are horseshoe crab futures available yet? Serious free market oversight.

  2. Make sure you see the DVD, “Blue Gold” (2009) or the read the book (too thick for me and I have no excuse now for not completely reading it). Also, you may have mentioned this this in the past about the end of “The Big Short” comment on betting on water. Finally, there’s the DVD ((and another thick book), called “The Corporation” which mentions water rights as well. You guys are great. Thanks for all you do!

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