Podcast #92 – What does the Joe Paterno scandal have to do with Occupy?

  1. You’re amazing. Living in a tent, you are a window to the outside world, this bizarre universe that still bustles around me while I quietly go about my day. Thank you all that you do; you are an invaluable soul. Thank you always for the laughter and the insight. All my best, Lee!

  2. i got it to play! 🙂

    i wholeheartedly agree! i’ve thot along those same lines myself… priorities are waaay outta whack! thanks for doin what you do!

    btw, i’d donate but i’m broke.things are looking up tho… i finally got a job after searching for 9 months! 🙂

  3. I wish Diogenes of Sinope was here to be occupying something. His bones may have been indistinguishable from others and are likely dust by now, but his ideas live on.

  4. camp, gotta love the M.O.Cs listen to them every morning .. my everyday routine.. keep it up

  5. Thank you, Barbara. Yeah, I hope you’re right. It’s tough for me to tell whether the propaganda is catching on or not. I have heard many people repeating it like they think it’s true. It makes me ill. But we knew they would do this. We knew this would be their game plan to destroy the movement. And so far, we’re still here.

  6. You’re right on, Lee. It’s interesting – maybe because I don’t watch TV – but I don’t think these false claims stories against Occupy are getting “legs”. I think there are just so many people within the 99+% suffering and getting wise, that they ain’t buying the propaganda anymore.
    About the riot to defend Joe Paterno, those people are just fucking out of their gourds.
    I enjoy your work a lot, I heard of you on Richard Grove’s Peace Revolution. Richard is a big hero of mine. So thanks and peace! 🙂

  7. i can not get “What does the Joe Paterno scandal have to do with Occupy?” to play… and wondering if it should be #93…?!!?

    best to you…

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