Common Censored #12 – The Great Other & Getting In The Ruling Elite’s Faces

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  1. For democracy to become a force for good, it only needs people to vote for any third option. When presented with two bad options they say “but the other options can’t win, so I vote for the lessor of the two evils”, without realising that it means that they are voting for evil, and getting it, in spades. If we want to stop getting evil, we need to stop voting for it. Vote green, vote Cannabis reform, vote Independent, vote Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party or nothing at all, but voting red or blue, because your Dad did, (We always vote that way) is just not good enough any more, after all, this is not a football team you’re supporting.

  2. “Apparently people don’t love their pets enough. We are getting A LOT of 4 stars and I am sick of drowning puppies. So from here on out four stars means we kill your SO instead.” Cheers to escalation! May it solve all our problems! ???

  3. Sarah Huckabee and Paul Ryan were both shunned by some incredibly brave human beings. Sarah the terrible woman saying Trumps inhuman border policy and anti hemp policy enforced by insane despot Jeff Sessions who also said his legitimacy is biblical. As he read passages about biblical acceptance on national; TV. As If anyone’s insane practices in governing like their own should be obeyed and accepted as sane? Two insane evangelists supporting a white racist like Nikki Haley in the United Nations, or Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as insane dishonest Taliban like Christians. Sarah was thrown out of a restaurant by the manager as not being any kind or even close to a docent human being they would ever serve in their family restaurant. The second event which is quite brave was a movie director refusing to have his picture taken with the mental cripple destroying the poor, the elderly, the workers rights in our nation when Paul Ryan and his child both approached him for a group picture. He said no I will never take a picture beside such a terrible human being as you, so as the child could not hear him since he knew the terrible deeds of his father were not known by him, but they would be eventually.

    We are so used to smiling and pretending to authoritative human beings. I was not even certain I could be so blatantly honest as these two Wonderful human beings refusing to compromise with insane Taliban like evangelicals like Sarah Huckabee, Nikki Haley Paul, and Mitch, Backing pedophiles from Alabama, taking the safety nets, and wonderful programs from the poor, with most fanatical white supremacist, and ugliest war monger militarist president. The horribly hateful dishonest leader of the Justice department as senile and forgetful as any bible thumping self righteous and judgmental human being we know as Jeff Sessions. A lol of these horribly inhuman men and women are destroying so many human beings lives without shedding one tear for them. They deserve the public outrage of saner less intolerant minds that know these insane zero tolerance human beings really are hypocrisy riddled mental cripples, pretending to be religious or sensitive human beings . Keep talking truth to power .

  4. Bernie Sanders did we the people no favors by not only supporting Hillary and going along with the DNC, but he never took the side of those who sued the DNC for primary fraud and since the election of Trump, he also went along with the Russiagate garbage. People who continue to follow Bernie are being very misled.

  5. The field of truth telling is much more humongous then president Donald Trumps ego, or Jeff sessions Taliban like national biblical reading about obeying his insane laws against grass and for taking children away from their parents at our borders . I hope that word humongous does not date me. Keep telling the truth it is much more important than any rabid propaganda told by a rabid money launderer on Wall street, or in the oval office pretending to be a man of the people not an ordinary wealthy debt king, or petty minded criminal in high office.

    Not a man known for cheating children, and adults out of their money with pyramid schemes, and phony real estate schools and busting unions . Are we tired of winning that way yet if we imitate him and his life of destroying his fellow human beings in business, as a sue crazy white supremacist finding offshore banks, tax loopholes, and money laundering schemes like Trump Towers in Miami Soho and Panamas ? Americans were propagandized by Forbes, and other idolizing patterns of following the deeply greedy and powerful in our corrupt institutions. Teaching us to idolize the most indecent greedy families in the world because somehow they started to convince themselves that not getting caught for criminal activity must mean they have a divine destiny to fulfill in this world.

    As if common criminals good luck really were their deities helping them to bring their humongous greed, and hatred into public office, their dirty money into churches and banks to be laundered as megalomania driven human being. Human beings that actually believe their ego is a divine beneficent gift to their citizens and a money maker for other warlords and debt kings. Not just a hater of the rest of mankind or anyone who disagrees with their inhumanity to their fellow mankind in the United Nations. Anyone who points out they the greedy and powerful, are the real rocket men with the real rotten ego’s wanting a space force to command, and a military parade believing in conquering the world and taking their insanity to find other worlds.

  6. Love you two,separately and together. Met you two personally at the Zeitgeist festival in LA.Wha a great night that was, with Jimmy Dore, music and art. Comedry, museric and art, the 3 Rs. You can’t trust the people who live without it. Anyway, my comment is this: I rarely disagree with either of you. RARELY. BUT I don’t believe you should blame Berniecrats for the new McCarthyism. It’s like blaming the victim. (By the way, Blaming the Victim is also a name of a book worthy of a reread). I think Berniecrats are more insightful dems, and know full well the pitfalls of tripping on Russia – gate. Most of us realize it is only a distraction fabricated by the super delegate elite to justify a Manchurian candidate in a failed election. We all know what happened – – Hillary happened. And I’m willing to bet there is not one Berniecrat fool enough to pay for her book, especially when she rigged the system and stole many of our votes. Okay, there may have been one, but it was later discovered he was a close relative. But you’ll-never see a Berniecrat expressing this view on a major network – over and out

  7. I can’t get the podcast to play with audio, which is the point of a podcast.


  8. Bifurcation fallacy, the fake “two” party system, polarization, demonization, othering, misdirection … I’ve been talking about these things for 20 years. It’s good to see someone else talking about these things, but frustrating that nobody seems to have listened to me for the past 2 decades and that it has taken so long for others to talk about them.

  9. Don’t get me wrong I really like the show but you guys are pushing on something that really doesn’t need to be pushed on you’re going to make speech and arrestable offense you are just helping usher in the police state

  10. Please don’t talk about white supremacy please don’t talk about white supremacy..

    Demarcation.. -in the sense that word was meant to rationalize normalizing calling brown people black and Light pink to dark beige people white..
    – that’s kind of the same thing going on when the media says

    ”she was raped or Palestinians died..’

    – there’s a line that can’t be crossed in order to get to the facts – a line put there in order to serve both to discriminate against darker ethnicities and to maintain benefits & advantages for lighter skin ethnicities..
    (which is exactly what white male Supremacy does in accordance to some 14 word slogan by David Lane and 88 word excerpt from Hitler’s book Mein Kampf – 14 – 88 maybe tattoo on alt right conservatives or white supremacists or skinheads but it’s tattooed in the minds of a large segment of the population all over the world of lighter-skinned descendants of mitochondrial eve..- the African that lighter skinned people don’t want to be related to but nevertheless are descended from)

    Yes going down fighting leaving this world knowing that a try beats a failure or that at least we made Homeland Security Chiefs Mexican dinner more spicy than intended with protest is better than just saying can’t we all just go along

    Waiting for the day when light pink beige people from Europe and indigenous and darker skin people from Middle East and dark brown folks from Africa join together in protest outside Trump rallies or Trump hotels chanting ‘you’re not even white!’ or ‘mitochondrial eve!’ or ‘no skin is black no skin is white’ let’s in the wars for-profit tonight!’..

    I just discovered Maddow sometime in early 2016 and haven’t listened to her since after the we’ve got Trump’s taxes ads that got me to watch the show that disappointed me with 2005 taxes.. talk about misleading..

    Frankly it may be true that we rig our own primaries and elections but that doesn’t mean Russia doesn’t try to influence elections around the world including ours..
    Yet I’m thinking if we were so busy rigging our own elections instead of having some integrity in our elections, we probably be able to keep everyone including Russia China Iran North Korea Britain Israel from influencing our – i said “our”

    But I suppose that proves your main point which is let the Russian thing is a distraction from things 10 times more important… so by focusing on something that looks important by itself the media can keep people’s from ever seeing or knowing about the things that are 10 times more important then weather Trump colluded or Russia interfered..i see..

    But then
    Calling brown people black and light pink beige or tan people white distract people from the real facts that We Are All One race Out of Africa that develop different cultures and features to adapt to different climate and conditions..

    Mexicans Chinese Iranians Africans Europeans and Americans are not the great other – we’re not different races of people

    So claiming we are white or black is another great other trick isn’t it..

    Awkwardness or joke..
    It doesn’t matter y’all are great


    Right on or spot on – when people say this is a nation of laws they failed to mention many of the most important laws are unjust racist and meant to favor corporations and wealthy white males. We should remind people not to obey unjust laws and vote out people who fashion unjust laws..

    Thank you Eleanor and Lee
    Act out and keep fighting
    ❤?? ???

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