Common Censored #32 – Don’t Mention Climate Change, Don’t Protect Mueller, Don’t Follow Your Passion

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  1. Loved your new comedy special. I especially liked the final shot in the dressing room. It reminded me of college when I was pursuing my history major. After a particularly hard essay examination, I often looked just as drained and exhausted as you did in that final shot. I always said that the words left my head, went through my hand via my pen, and then went out onto the page, leaving my head an empty void. It often took days to return to my head.

    I’m looking forward to your Florida Redacted taping. And in case you didn’t know, Jameson is by far the best Irish Whiskey for the 99%!

    Keep fighting!

  2. Hello there.

    The term “climate change” not turning up in mainstream media reports that are in fact about the most newsworthy (i.e. most extreme, most flashy-looking on TV screens, most abrupt-lookingly catastrophic, most unusual, most “tragic” in the minds of ordinary people who just might be able to imagining this could happen to them, not to forget the celebrities who are forced to flee from their very classy homes, etc.) is really about the civilization based on money and growth trying to keep people from thinking about ctastrophic climate change too regularly as that is not at all good for the bottom line.

    Follow the money. And please think about the psychology of living in a collapsing civilization that is collapsing because of the 6th mass extinction.

    And how about this: nuclear power is fast becoming the real deal for the people who are kind of thinking about saving the world, and also saving this current civilization of money and war that is so very good for the social elites.

    Not so newsworthy climate change stories are things like fresh water shortage and also a lack of arable land as populations increases.

    Then, next: How can anyone in the western world believe that Africans and Asians are not going to want to get what Europe and North America already has? Which takes oil? Oh, too bad, but it really does take oil.

    Too much. So no: do not think about mentioning climate change when reporting on extreme weather events and natural catastrophies. The Big We do not want the little ones (the people and their children) to think …



  3. Do a drunk Christmas episode.THAT would be an awesome episode to hear.
    And I love it when Lee goes off on a curve ball tangent. Is that why EG is there to rein it in?
    Anyways,keep it up and keep fighting.
    Luvs ya!

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