Common Censored #11 – The Censored Immigration Stories & The Great Societal Flaw

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  1. The 87 percent increase in the deportation of “convicted criminals” was driven almost exclusively by “those with a traffic violation (up 191 percent) and individuals convicted of immigration offenses (up 167 percent).”
    By comparison, the deportation of those with serious crimes fell. “For example, the number of deportees convicted of vehicle theft was down by 27 percent. Robbery, burglary and forgery categories saw only a small increase — up 4 to 6 percent over this six year period. Although their numbers were small, declines also occurred for individuals convicted of arson (down 1 percent), embezzlement (down 14 percent) and bribery (down 41 percent).”

    “In fact, after Director Morton [Obama’s former ICE Director John Morton] on June 30 of 2010 directed a renewed focus on finding and deporting ‘convicted criminals’ who posed a serious threat to public safety or endangered national security, the number of individuals deported who have been convicted of any criminal offense apart from an immigration or traffic violation has actually declined,” the TRAC report concluded.

  2. And I loved your last segment about cooperative endeavors. The last corporation I worked for is the embodiment of sociopaths getting promoted and empathetic people like me being fired for trumped up bullshit reasons. I had the audacity to speak up in a company meeting and suggest that a common worker be placed on the Board of Directors. My first instance of being written up occurred within a couple of weeks and within a couple of months, I was fired and denied unemployment benefits. Just got to love the corporate state!

  3. gotta tell you Eleanor, I have seen a guy shit his shirt. We were playing disc golf. He went into the woods for an emergency poop and when he returned he has shit all over his shirt. So, there you have it. It is possible!

  4. #1. Nobody brings the poverty like Republicans and DINOs. #2. The widening and deepening of poverty is the direct result of voting for Republicans and DINOs. #3. DINOs are Democrats In Name Only or Republicrats. #4. Republicans and DINOs maintain their grip on power by Black Box Voter Fraud, Interstate Cross Check and Various Voter Roll Purges. These are the most important and damning political facts of our time. This is the narrative which must be spread like white on rice. This is the progressive narrative which bears repeating.

  5. How about using the audio of that guy yelling Holy Shit from when the first plane hit the tower on 9/11. That would sound great to start the show. lol

  6. Holy Shit!!!! Thank you for all the great work you and Goldfield are doing! Amazing stuff!!!

    What is going on over at itunes… there seems to be some fuckery going on, it would not allow me to rate higher than 3 stars!?!?

  7. I always learn so much! Never thought of the stock market in that way. It makes total sense! And yeah, capitalism is making a society of assholes by inspiring brutal competition over collaboration. Brilliant! Every time I listen to you I am armed with information to fight the good fight! Thank you so much! ♥️

  8. Thanks for all you do. All the stuff that’s rattling around in my head making me want to tear my hair out–it’s always here, but in better focus b/c let’s face it they mess with our heads. Ugh, so much. You guys rock, thanks thanks thanks, where do I send my mental health fee, b/c y’all are keeping me from losing my mind. <3 <3 (Just kidding, I'm pretty broke –but still, thanks)

  9. Great episode and the first one at that for me. Here are some points worth mentioning.

    A Nation making a living by killing innocent people is fucked.

    A society is an association or companionship with one’s fellows – at least that’s the definition of every dictionary. Once that has melted on Your tongue like a peppermint chocolate wafer, You will realize, that capitalism is the anathema to ‘society’. It will destroy it, or better devour it, as it can only function on the premise of the so called ‘survival of the fittest’.

    Thanks to Darwin, who really kicked off predatory industrial revolution – profits for the ‘fittest’ and slavery for the rest of society. Worked like a charm and still does.

    Last but not least, ‘Homo Americaniens Boreus’ is really the dimmest bulb on the planet. For the voluntary subordination to a system that emphasizes differences versus common traits. Divide and conquer only works with dim bulbs. And the argument of having to work hard to survive stems from the religious indoctrination that has been applied for thousands of years. To get over that evolutionary glitch, it will be necessary to overcome racism/religion, class and gender.

    Borrowing from an old proverb, one does not fill new wine into old bottles. Thus, a new, more just, equitable and fair society will require a new bottle. The old one is pau (Hawai’ian for ‘done’, ‘over’, ‘finished’.

    Greetings from my South American exile.

  10. first I agree, if you are going to present problem offer solutions, show what is going on to combat the issues. Keep it all real not barraged by the hopeless but highlight the active hope..and Lee I appreciate your presentation because you do your homework present the real with the with the insane cogitations the fucked up news deserves.

  11. Reply to Mike Reid:
    We need a better term than DINOs. The area in which I live is overwhelmingly Democrat, so our representatives are always registered as Democrats. If we want them to pay attention to our requests, we must register as Democrat, as I have done for over 50 years and continue to do so. I do NOT donate to any Democrats (or Republicans) – in fact, I want elections to be completely federally funded – with no other funding (not even self-funding) permitted. I am certainly a Democrat in name only, because to do otherwise would have me shunned by my elected representatives, but I oppose the very people that you refer to as DINOs.

  12. How do we get rid of the DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) you know, like the Clintons and Obamas and about half or so of the dwindling House and Senate DINOs? Maybe we could load one of those liquefied pig shit cannons on top of a tanker truck filled with liquefied pig shit and go hose con gress. Just a thought. No doubt the Chinese would be happy for anything that drops the level in their lagoons. Immigration, that does not seem to have worked so well in Europe. The idea of Elanore as free range chicken for 7th century barbarian rape gangs does not appeal to me. Those dips over at RT have not once mentioned the hundred plus immagrints in England locked up for sex crimes including underage in recent wide scale raids. Maybe you could type up a nice form letter about how fucked up our country and government are and we could download it en mass and mail copies to our political tards. You do seem to know more about this than most of us.

  13. Truth is a ray of sunshine! Thanks, Lee, for reporting the truth!! People need to know!

  14. Hello Lee,

    fyi, my contribution is Re-Broadcasting your (all Indie Media Voices) via Pirate Radio to Boulder Valley for years..

    On July 4th I take Pirate Radio on the Road for 6 months. I outfitted my Truck as a Prairie Schooner-like Portable Pirate Radio Station on a 6 Month Road Trip. Where ever I go traveling
    I’ll always be Re-Streaming , broadcasting Indie Voiced Playlists to the South Western towns filled with Inbred Mormon, Oil Rig Exxon Fracking Whores for Oil, Land Rapists and NAZI’s.

    I’m headed to Bears Ears and Oil Pipeline Protest Camps, and hope to share with others how to set up their own Pirate Radio Stations cheaply, to encampments and show how simple it is to Unify People Via the Radio at Protest Camps….no turntables, just a Microphone.

    Ken Kesey inspired me in the Sixties with his Bus “Further”….I’ve always believed, ‘a man’s Reach should Exceed His Grasp”… You too have kept me Inspired. Thanks for carrying a Torch, keeping a Light Fed, Laughter is Medicine… ARRRRGGGGGHHHH. phil brittin aka Crispycritter

  15. I see. This link won’t even come up on my phone. That’s strange..but I expected it.

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