Podcast #306 – What about Neil Degrasse Tyson?

The Redacted Team gives peace a chance, while police are given cameras to wear. The homeless get homes, a cuddler gets paid, Wikipedia gets edited, and a Boy Scout gets on the terror watch list. A paralyzed man gets a brain implant, and a reporter speaking for Palestine gets their title changed.

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  1. Tyson isn’t perfect. He’s an astrophysicist, not a genetic scientist. His comment about genetic engineering shows that 1) He may be slightly prejudiced in favor of anything scientific, and 2) he knows very little about the process of genetic engineering. Perhaps he needs to be schooled…comically, This could lead to a very interesting back and forth between you two and Neil.

    Please don’t become one of the people who is so biased about being a democrat that they refuse to acknowledge any of Obama’s shortcomings!

  2. Yeah, guys, i agree that there’s a big difference between hybridization (combining variations of the same species) and forcibly injecting a bacteria or a poison into the gene code of a plant. The former can occur naturally or in a lab, but the genes remain the same. It’s like spelling a word online and capitalizing one of the letters; the look is different, but the word is still the same. When we genetically engineer (a word) it would be like taking the ‘l’ out of the word luck and replacing it with the letter ‘f’. Though both make us smile, the word has now gone from a G to an R rating.
    Johns Hopkins just published research in December involving GMOs. Asked participants with any kind of colitis, Crohn’s, or IBS to stop eating conventionally-grown, GMO food for a month. Nearly all the subjects had complete remission from all symptoms. This did not make the news.

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