“CEO’s & Pedophiles/ Corporate Greed & Touching Children” – M.O.C. #90

3 responses to ““CEO’s & Pedophiles/ Corporate Greed & Touching Children” – M.O.C. #90”

  1. Drew says:

    Very good Lee, but let’s not forget the corporate Board of Directors – CEOs are kind of like the puppet middle finger on the hand – The greedy board always wants more in its palm and the CEO gets all its power from that palm. Get rid of the palm and the fingers have no power.

  2. Lee Anderson says:

    Corporate CEOs including Commander in Chief is laid out in “Franklin Cover-Up”, involving Bank fraud and the trafficing of children to very, very high places via Omaha, Nebraska. Psychopaths and Sociopaths. You’ve got them nailed, Lee. Keep up the good work and I’m certain I will be seeing you as a regular or semi-regular guest on some show. Perhaps Bill Maher, as it has to be late night cable for any semblance of “free speech.”

  3. PAAITF says:

    Fantastic one here. I laughed and you gave me a few things to ponder i had not come to. Very nice. Thanks

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