CEOs, Hedge Funds, & Santa Clause (Web Exclusive Pre-Show) [VIDEO]

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  1. It’s about the illegal overuse of classifications to censor unpleasant truths like war crimes. it’s all about that danged pipeline corridor. Remember Serena Shim who exposed Turkey-NATO-ISIS connection and was murdered the next day ( Check out Nick Turse on US and Africa.

  2. True that. Hedge-fund-hyenas contribute ZER0 to economic growth, and actually suck value out.
    They are a scourge on humanity, all be it an almost tax-exempt, falsely adored scourge.

    PS What’s up with episode #272 = Entire Afghanistan War A Fraud, Rich People Scrubbing History?
    There is still nothing there to load, even though it’s listed.

    Love your show:)

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