Seriously Twitter?! [VIDEO]

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  1. Please cover the theft of the National Electric Company by President Juan Orlando of Honduras. After becoming President of Honduras Juan Orlando “sold”the Honduras electric company to a Columbian drug cartel. The drug cartel rewarded Juan Orlando by giving him a one half interest in the new electric company. At first, people were double billed, once by the old company and also by the new company. I have lived in Honduras for 11 years. My bill is up by half since the theft. However, many of my neighbors and businesses electric bills are 5 times as much as before the theft. Some Hondurans are now paying half their monthly income for electric.The Honduran people deserve better than this.

  2. Please cover the
    faked death of Hilda Hernandez (sister of Juan Orlando and Tony Hernandez) Hilda was within days of being charged with stealing from the people of Honduras when Her brother President Juan
    Orlando faked her death in a fake helicopter crash. No reporters were allowed to the site of the fake crash. No death certificate was produced. Pictures of a 2012 Ugandan gunship crash were shown the people of Honduras as the 2017 fake crash. La Prensa later found Hilda living in Miami. This has not been covered in the US. The people of Honduras deserve this exposure.

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