Redacted Tonight #142-Next Financial Collapse On Horizon, Smart Bombs But Dumb Kids, Religious Left Wakes Up

Lee Camp explains that there is another financial crisis looming over us. Just like in 2008/2009 when everybody was defaulting on mortgages, the same thing may happen very soon with student loan debt. The numbers of total debt and the percentage of people in default are nearly identical to the housing crisis. It’s a scary proposition, but certainly worth knowing about because these student loans are backed by the government, which really means us, the taxpayer. Next, Lee discusses the wake of Trump’s abysmal 2018 budget proposal. White House Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, hit the news talk show circuit to make a very poor case for why gutting government programs vital to educating Americans and cleaning our air are just trimming the fat. Lee eviscerates him in this scathing piece. In the second half of the show, correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee at the desk to reveal the stunning display of irony of right-wing lawmakers now proposing laws that would punish college students who protest campus guest speakers, absurdly claiming it’s in the name of preserving free speech. Finally, correspondent John F. O’Donnell files a report about the emergence of the religious left in response to Donald Trump. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #141-Mainstream Media Sucks Hard, Walmart & Slave Labor, Gorsuch & More

Lee Camp talks about how the mainstream media is tainted by corporate power, given the fact six companies control the bulk of what we watch and hear daily. Lee also reveals how Walmart and Lowes’ use of slave labor is getting swept under the rug by media companies that play their ads on repeat. In the second half, correspondent John F. O’Donnell delves into the Dumpster fire that is Trump’s 2018 budget proposal and how it will scorch social services that provide basic needs for Americans. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals the attempt by tax giants like H&R Block and Intuit to block access to services that allow Americans to file their taxes for free. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight #140-Deep State Destroys Privacy, Health Care Run By Parasites, Easy Answer To Global Crisis

Lee Camp uses details from the CIA leaks to to tell us what remains of our privacy in the surveillance state. As technology advances we will have to be more vigilant of our rights in the weirdest ways ever imaginable. Then Lee reveals the more egregious parts of Trumpcare that no one is talking about. Why exactly are 20 million at risk of losing coverage?
Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals new developments in climate change science that are being ignored by weather reporters, despite extreme weather that’s destroying people’s lives. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill delves into the most important federal civil rights case since Brown v. Board of Ed in 1954. Historically Black Colleges and Universities are losing funding, as state university systems are overlooking their importance. This and more on Redacted Tonight

Redacted Tonight #139-The Secret Billionaire Behind Trump’s Rise, Massive CIA Leak & more

Lee Camp exposes who is really behind the heinous Trump presidency. He reveals the shady power players who are really calling the shots. It’s a disgusting web of bad operators, and it’s definitely worth knowing about. Lee also covers the new Wikileaks CIA leaks. These leaks show that the CIA has been spying on us through, not only our phones, but also our TVs and cars. This gross violation is truly disturbing. Lee breaks it all down. In the second half of the show, Redacted correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee at the desk to discuss Robo-Bees. Yes, ROBOTIC BEES! Because of colony collapse and climate change, lots of organic bees are dying. Robo-Bees are being used to pick up the pollinating slack. Is this a great innovation or completely horrible? Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani files a report about hate crime legislation around the country. It turns out the handful of states that don’t have strong hate crime laws HAVE MORE HATE CRIMES. Karavani explains this and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight 138-New Proof CIA Pays Drug Lords, Trump To Gut Education, Dems Show Corruption

Lee Camp exposes Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ attempt to dismantle the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that funds public schools as evidence the powers that be want to keep Americans dumb and easy to manipulate. Lee also reveals some huge news about drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s ties to the federal government that only reinforce the insidious campaign that is the War on Drugs. In the second half of the show, correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee fresh off her trip from Cuba to discuss the likelihood of a trade embargo coming back under a Trump administration. Finally, correspondent John F. O’Donnell exposes why the election of Tom Perez as the new DNC chair is a classic case of establishment Dems undermining Progressives. All this and more on the latest episode of Redacted Tonight!

Redacted Tonight 137-The Unmentioned Global Mind Control, Standing Rock Raided, Facebook Monopoly & More

Lee Camp delves into the twisted and manipulative world of advertising. Using a ridiculous Starbucks commercial as an example, Lee tears apart the BS they’re trying to sell us. Lee also covers the latest at the stand-off at Standing Rock over the Dakota Access Pipeline. He then discusses the increase in ICE raids that terrorize undocumented immigrants. In the second half of the show, correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new “manifesto,” which lays out the future of where he wants to bring the social media site. It sounds benign and optimistic. But is it really? Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill files a report about the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan from 5 five years ago. She finds out what the implications are for Americans today. All this on the latest episode of Redacted Tonight!

Redacted Tonight 136-We Are Subsidizing Our Death, Net Neutrality Under Attack, Sanctuary Cities On The Rise

Lee Camp covers some of the latest awful cabinet picks the Donald Trump presidency has made. Lee extrapolates from there to get into the systemic concept of “externalizing costs.” It’s when aspects of production are paid for by someone else, usually the people of a country to the benefit of the corporation. Lee also discusses a new movement called #DemEnter. It involves real progressives taking over the lower levels of the Democratic party. In the second half of the show, correspondent Natalie McGill joins Lee to discuss how the USDA, under Trump’s order, recently scrubbed animal welfare inspection reports from their website. This means considerably less protection for animals who are abused. Finally, correspondent Naomi Karavani files a report breaking down the complicated phenomena known as “Sanctuary Cities.” All of this on latest episode of Redacted Tonight!

Redacted Tonight 135-The REAL Reason the U.S. Wants War with Iran, Standing Rock News, Capitalism Failing

Lee Camp covers how the petrodollar may be the REAL reason for possible war with Iran and there’s a long history to back that up. Then Camp covers the recent highlights in bad news: including the Dakota Access Pipeline and recent nominees, but more importantly how Democratic politicians are responding to the increasingly shaky trust in the capitalist system among Millennials. Then correspondent Naomi Karavani fills us on how Republican lawmakers are trying to crush protests through shocking laws especially in North Dakota. Finally, correspondent John F. O’Donnell covers the recent attack by Trump on the Dodd Frank Act and what this could mean for Big Banks. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight 134-Secret TRUTH About Muslim Ban, Goldman Sachs Takes Over For Trump, Dems Impotent

Lee Camp uncovers the truth about why Trump banned travelers in those specific seven Muslim countries. Then he goes into the latest news on Trump’s cabinet picks and how they all have very curious overlaps on their resumes related to Goldman Sachs. He covers breaking news about how one of the biggest flaws in our elections could be fixed: gerrymandering. In the second half of the show correspondent John F. O’Donnell reveals the psychological effects on the American populace when they absorb a constant stream of lies. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill covers the questionable improvements of Flint, Michigan’s water system. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight 133-Trump’s Arrival Met With Violence, World Bank Privatizing Seeds, CEO’s Richer Than Ever

Lee Camp covers the aftermath of Inauguration Day protests and the growing threat to peaceful protest rights emerging across the U.S. Lee shows how the felony charges some protesters face for property damage still don’t hold a candle to the corporate crimes against Americans. Later he discusses how the World Bank’s hard on for corporate seed company practices will screw over small farmers. Lee reveals how top corporate companies’ lax attitude toward paying income tax and how Trump could hardly wait to put the screws to Standing Rock protesters. In the second half of the show, correspondent John F. O’Donnell shows what options government officials have to safely and securely blow the whistle on unethical dilemmas sure to emerge from this new administration. Finally, Naomi Karavani shows how politicians can’t seem to shake their insatiable thirst for private gifts in exchange for favors. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight 132-The First Orange President, Obama Left Dictator’s Toolkit, Women’s March

Lee Camp covers the inauguration and Trump’s Cabinet. Then he goes into what Obama’s real legacy will be followed by Naomi Karavani’s coverage of what the Women’s March on DC means for activism. Finally Natalie McGill talks about the pharmaceutical industry under Trump.

Redacted Tonight 131-MSM Becomes Fake News, Arrested For Giving Away Food, School To Prison Pipeline

Is Redacted Tonight fake news? Lee Camp gets to the heart of it. Then covers the recent news that people are being arrested for giving away free food. Also, Reverend Billy is facing jail time for trying to attend Monsanto’s bash. Then Correspondent Natalie McGill exposes the “School to Prison Pipeline.” Finally Redacted’s Naomi Karavani reveals what’s really behind the “Right to Work” law that was passed in Kentucky and around the country. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

Redacted Tonight 130-Most Censored Stories of 2016, Cops Using False Drug Tests, MSM Falls For Fake News

It’s the first Redacted Tonight episode of 2017 in our new studio. Host Lee Camp kicks things off first with getting into Project Censored’s most censored stories of 2016. The mainstream media decides to use the power of the fourth estate to investigate mall fights. In the second half of the show, correspondent Naomi Karavani delves into the U.S. Department of Education funding of private charter schools. And finally, correspondent Natalie McGill exposes the sham that is the police roadside drug test. This and more on Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp.

Redacted Tonight 128-Live Stand Up Comedy Special From The Laugh Factory!

In this very special episode of Redacted Tonight, the cast performs hard-hitting and hilarious stand-up comedy live in Hollywood at the famous Laugh Factory comedy club. Lee Camp, John F. O’Donnell and Naomi Karavani light up the stage for two sold out shows filled with hardcore Redactivists. Don’t miss this super fun live event that has been captured for you and your eyeballs.

Redacted Tonight 127-Breaking Election Fraud Info, Police Take Blankets From Homeless, Trump’s Climate Witch Hunt