Largest Leak In British Political History Ignored By Media
  1. Also you have noticed the utterly unprecedented political chaos that has been unfolding there?

    I think no-one there wanted to get in the way of or distract from Boris and then Liz being removed so that is a factor in why it isn’t getting attention.

  2. He was also (virtually) painted as a Russian stooge.

    He didn’t exude that tradigional spirit of the old Empire that serious Britons still feel necessary in a PM. Not sure he could have made it to PM as Labour have permanently lost (well it looks like they have ) their 40 odd Scottish seats. They had 80-90% there before Gordon Brown told the Scots that if they voted in independence would see them excluded from the EU. But then a bunch of English nationalists dragged them out anyhow. So now they have maybe one. Corbyn simply couldn’t turn that trust issue around.

    Owen Jones has covered the story as much as possible mainly in his own podcast and Twitter account. I haven’t noticed anybody else.

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