“Burn Your Money! …Or At Least Put It Away ” – MOC #174

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  1. “Wisely, perhaps, many people refuse on principle to mix business with friendship, wary of the essential conflict between money and personal relationship. Money depersonalizes a relationship, turning two people into mere “parties to an exchange” driven by the universal goal of maximizing self-interest. If I seek to maximize self-interest, perhaps at your expense, how can we be friends?” –Charles Eisenstein / “Sacred Economics”

  2. Anyone who spends time outside this *great* country (Amerika) sees thriving *underground* economies; another way to phrase the barter system Lee points to here. Americans CAN get over the money fixation and share, gift, and trade our way to real prosperity, leaving phantom *wealth* behind. It helps to realize that alternatives are possible: this is the message that needs to be spread NOW. Yes, it’s frustrating when others don’t agree; of course I’d rather money all went away (which it might whether you want it to or not). But it is famously said that you vote with your money every time you make a purchase: I vote to make my life without using coin-of-the-realm and look for every opportunity to manifest that vision. Please join me!

  3. On this I agree. We have evolved very badly as a so-called progressive civilization. We have progressed from the rule of land, sea, air, and fire, or natural law, to what is now called the rule of law. With the printing of money and bit-coin made by the moneychangers in Jesus’ time, comes the rule of money. When the bankers and power brokers finds out control of the masses doesn’t work via consumptiontration camps, the elite rich take all of us to war. This is how the rule of war is born, or the birth of death if you will. There not enough land,sea, air, or fire to go around; not enough justice to go around; not enough money or metals to go around, but plenty enough war amongst us to import to all the nations throughout the world.
    Lee, hope to see ya today at Civic Center in Denver.

  4. I could not agree more.
    The problem is finding like minded people.
    It seems as if most people “Worship” the stuff.
    I have been attempting to barter/trade for years.
    Less than 1% of the people in my area will go for it.
    No longer is a man’s worth measured by the words that come out of his mouth.
    Is he true to his word? Can you depend on him to do what he said?

    ALL that matters is how many $’s he has.

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