Breaking News: Stimulus Bill A Giant Middle Finger To Struggling Americans

  1. I was in rare form that afternoon, lol, understatement. I was windy and lofty. I didn’t even think it would get posted, lol. Just want to add that I appreciate great comedy with large doses of truth. So, thanks Lee Camp for all that you do ! And to your production team, to RT ! Cheers !
    I was a huge Carlin fan. I saw him Live in 05 at the Van Duzer theatre in Arcata, Ca. (Humboldt State U Campus). It was a packed house. We were on our feet often, hooping and hollering, whistling. Love me the comedy world ­čÖé I didn’t always agree with everything that fell from Carlin’s lips, his opinions, but what a mind force of comedy he was, RIP GC !

    I have been a Keiser Report fan since 2015, a late comer to the show. So, I spent several weeks watching back episodes from the first episode, awesome, love Max and Stacy. I created a business model in a weekend on PPT slides inspired by the KR and all their amazingly brilliant guests. My biz model is my baby, it’s also lofty. It is a code. I don’t know code, but I have a mathematical background, and so the code is based on worker’s rights, just flowed out of me.

    You are a comedic force as well, Lee Camp–for the fricken-effing motha-effing suffering, oppressed, entrepreneurial stifled, demoralized, loaded with debt, on the brink, enraged and powerless by not without power–PEOPLE on rare and beautiful blue marble in a vast Universe. People and all life forms within ecosystems on a suffocating, polluted, deforested, depleted, weeping and wailing Mother Earth.

    Dominated by White Supremacy – Global Financial Hedge Fund managing a**holes within a failed capitalistic petrol-dollar dominated Zombie Capitalistic system. Max refers to the market traders as crack heads needing more crack 24-7 siphoning as much as they can and the Market itself a Zombie needing constant feeding from the Fed and Treasury to keep it alive…you know the truth….and so do EYE, finally, it took me a long while to wake up…tune in the RT and learn the GD truth, GDamit ! But I smelt the big, bad monster RAT way back when, when Walmart came to my home town, ewwww, stunk to high heaven and to further the stink now — all these seedy Dollar Trees, Dollar Generals. sooooo demoralized we have become under the Corporate Life Force sucking monsters’ thumbz.

    Just a little backdrop ground on Meself. Wordy again – I was…lol. Happy New Year ! (yeah right, lol, I’m shuttering to think, I want to cover my eyes, hide under the covers…but I’ll trudge on with glimmering hope, mumbling and grumbling, shuffling along like the Underdog…lol

    Great Episode btw…

  2. Congress is practically daring us to burn the country down. What will it take, a complete meltdown of the economic system before people organize against the military/industrial/congressional/tech/media complex? We’re a little outgunned, aren’t we? No wonder people act as though they have Stockholm Syndrome instead.

  3. Hi Lee, first saw you many years ago on RT. Since then have followed you on Twitter and Redacted. Had the great pleasure of seeing you live in London last year, met you and you signed my book.

    Keep up the fantastic work and getting your voice heard. You are an inspiration & we so desperately need people speak the truth.

    Take care & stay safe

  4. Hello Lee, been watching you for a long while now. I’d say I’m a fan of yours. And I appreciate your detailed reporting about the Corptocracy- the Plutocrats, et al. And at the tail end of this segment on how we the ppl. are being given the middle finger with the 800 Billion (chump change for the money printers and recipients thereof….as we know). So because WE know, I disagree with your analysis that it will take tireless work to see revolution, upheaval, uh, I’ll just say it, an overthrow of the do-nothing-war-mongering-criminal government that we live under. WE can simply declare it- be decree- they are a failed state, right? Therefore, WE have the right to overtake it, today, right now ! By decree, the evidence is in, they have no right to further exist, because they have repeatedly failed us, founded on genocide…come on. This is too simple. We can simply take over the government without weapons, simply by verbalizing it with meaning. This is what I have been thinking about since this ongoing Stimulus Bill charade. The time is NOW. We have been legitimately demoralized over and over, let down? That’s putting it mildly. I as an American Citizen, by decree, state that you, the institutionalized and corrupt government, have failed me. Therefore, I have the right to take your seat immediately. You lose. I win. I am now the Government of the United States of America. And when I decree it, a takeover, then I will gladly accept anyone and everyone who wishes to join me. So, typically, revolution requires hard work, grass roots work, but we are in extremely pressing times. A swift, immediate takeover is required. Simply by decree. Let’s do this !! They are a failed state. They lose. We win. And all the evidence is in. So smile, Lee Camp. I will elect you as President once I take it all over with a simple decree. If you don’t want that seat, it doesn’t matter, because we can create new names for said seats. It’ll be up to us moving forward. I will also have the White House demolished and a Green House put in it’s place….I have lots of ideas for immediate action. I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I worked hard for it and it was ridiculously expensive. Hence, one of the many reasons that I voted for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka in 2016. One week before my mother died. I walked her up to the courthouse with her oxygen tank. She voted for Jill and Ajamu as well, the only sane choice between the two monsters that were running, cuz Bernie got thugged down, as we know. Jill Steins platform was humane, full scale employment, student loan debt jubilee…it was rich and thick. I read it in 2016. The time for hard work is over. They failed. We win, by simple decree. We will start from scratch. Recreate a new nation, give it a new name.

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