Breaking News: Iowa Report Proves DNC Manipulation of Primaries!

  1. So True what you said about Bernie. He broke a lot of hearts when with his supporters, like me, when he did not go 3rd Party.
    But now he is fighting for the Survival Checks (as you call them) and he seems to be about the only one who is.
    Love you Lee.
    But I must say-

    It is not NAW VADA
    It is NA VAD A

  2. But, but, Lee…we will push Biden to the left now. Time and again, we’ve watched democrat presidential candidates go hard left as soon as they take office. Sure they are cheaters, but they did that so they can be so left when they get in the cheating will be worthwhile and justified. His appointments will be a clear signal to who Joe Biden is and I’m sure….wait, Susan Rice…Neera Tanden…oh fuck. Never mind….

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