BREAKING: Bill Introduced For Paper Ballots & Open Source Voting Machines [VIDEO]

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  1. I’m an Australian but I see that the lead of America has a massive influence here. Mainly because our media is on the same track. I’m trying to investigate locally, but what you are doing is sometimes clearer to see than what I can easily see locally. I’m trying to catch up with the local but for now you have really been helping me out. Thank you for being entertaining while giving me a veiw of the wider sorse information. Thanks​.

  2. I really wish you would address the issue of HLS has taken over our election infrastructure. Tulsi did NOT address this fact. She could have addressed that we could have paper ballots that give you a receipt with your voting choices. We could see in real time paper ballot going in scanner and watch the tallies. And why wait until the general election? Why isn’t she addressing the election fraud, that happened in the primary 2016 election? I live in Hawaii and have lost all hope for any political change. We have caucus primaries here, that are a joke and then the superdelegats come in and fuck us anyway. And the fact that the dems here are all republicans isn’t helping. And one last off topic;) if you didn’t whine so much you might be taken more seriously. You are a valuable voice. Please you can be funny and still put out the facts. We all know we’re getting raped up the ass, with no lube in sight.

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