Audio Podcast #410-Sam Ronan talks about the corruption within the DNC with Lee Camp

  1. I live in Howard County, MD, a tremendously wealthy, Macmansion suburb of D.C.; and let me tell you, we’re doing great! Very little toil, accept beltway traffic; unbelievable federal government salaries and crazy benefits out the kazoo. Pay your taxes, people- we love you America!

    Oh yeah, Mr Camp and company: great job on all fronts.

    Keep laughing.

  2. Democratic Party is disgusting. Sam Ronan received ZERO votes in the #DNCchair. Who elects the DNC CHAIR? It is some 447 DNC members who are insiders, within insiders, within insiders that are managed by the power brokers within our Corrupt System. Yeah! believe me you – we are the World’s Greatest Democracy. LOL.

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