“Anthony Weiner Should Only Resign If His Knob Killed Innocent Civilians” – MOC #50

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  1. yes,yes,yes..he had some junk but apparently no balls-that is unforgivable in a representative..What use would he be in congress;it’s not like they(repuglicans)wouldn’t be dangling that bit of bad behavior over his head at key decision making moments.?..
    New York,we are still Empire state of Dickheads-Elliot Spitzer was a fuking pitbull..!..The man pulled no punches,he was independently wealthy(which is a good thing if you’re a liberal) with political ambitions and actual ,measurable I.Q.-the guy coulda been somebody..Who gives a shit if he paid for it-he was busy and he married a ‘nice girl’ ,but still needed some naughty tail now & again (8 or 10 times aweek-the pressues of public office)) maybe the little lady wasn’t anything but AO.K. with the situation until it became public knowledge..I would have supported him if he had stood tall and lawyered his way outa the embroglio,hey there was plenty of shit to spread around.I’m not sure it was impeachable.?.It made him a lot more approachable,may well have helped his chances in the National arena,hell bill clinton ran with it.Instead of which Elliot did the shame-on-me routine and bowed-out in disgrace..He succumbed to a dirty trick ,product of Karl Rove and the word on the street had them holding the info until the governor wrote an article inthe Washington Post blaming financial meltdown on Bush&co. -just another example of the trustfunders more concerned with their golf scores than the economy.I don’t think he ever wrapped his head around the notion that he was fucking responsible for the nation.That the buck really did stop there.. Fucking morons.!.and Elliot Spitzer,for all his talent,intelligence and education,was ultimately lead around by his dick,which wasn’t so smart.

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